MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121412 (ORDER NO. 121412)

MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121412, EUCHNER MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121412, 121412, EUCHNER 121412, Khóa cửa đa chức năng EUCHNER MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121412, EUCHNER Việt Nam

Locking set MGB-L1H-ARA... (guard locking by spring force) with 2 pushbuttons, machine stop, incl. label carrier

  • Guard locking with guard lock monitoring
  • Can be connected in series with other AR devices (e.g. CES-AR and CET-AR)
  • Machine stop (black-silver) with monitoring contact
  • 2 pushbuttons (illuminated)
  • With lens set, 6 pcs.
  • incl. adhesive labels
  • With cable entry
  • Unicode
MGB-L1H-ARA-R-121412 (Order no. 121412)

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